Monday, April 30, 2007


4 song single from 2 of the best bands out of the 90s garage movement. stupid asshole-mudhoney
2.knife manuel-gas huffer bug-gas huffer
4.march to fuzz-mudhoney

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Merry X-mas!

The Dandy Warhols Christmas 3 song single, cira 96?

Kevin K

New York New York
This is a collection of of Kevin K's songs. Its along the lines of Ramones meet stiv meet Thunders. Great songs, Kevin relocated from NY NY to FLorida, and can be seen playing in the Tampa bay area and tours the states and Europe.


Real Life , One of my favorite Howard Devoto cds, came out around 1978.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

unknown dreams.....

this is earlier keith richards on piano with vocals. The quality of this is fair. Lots of pops and crackles, but its worth a listen!

60's Beat Italiano

Garage ! Garage! Garage!

Some of the best 60's Italian garage bands on one comp. I remember when this first came out on vinyl back in 89, We all were really into the Italian bands at the time and My friend Dennis Dalcin helped to put this out! CD version has 26 tracks.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Atlanta based band Dirt. 4 piece, move to the windy city in the early 90's. This is the 2nd release from them. The band broke up and john went on to form "mount shasta" then "Tijuana Hercules" Great vocals.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The Unrequited Loves

These guys were one of my favorite bands to see live. They were sonic with a pop like garage style.
Mike O'Neill was a songwriter and performer who entered the Tampa area music scene first as co-leader of Monday Mornings and then as leader of Nailbiters and The Unrequited Loves. He drew from a host of musical influences, most prominently '60s Merseybeat and garage rock. His songwriting showed a rare rigor and discipline - he avoided cliche like the plague and artfully captured in song emotions few of us have the language for and which we often would just as soon ignore. Mike O'Neill took his own life on July 17, 2006 at the age of 41. AFTER THE POLKA MIKE O'NEILL MEMORIAL BROADCAST: Jenny Jurristo-Morrison's excellent tribute can be heard on and at *****Also see the Unrequited Loves, Mike's last band's site on MySpace. We miss you Mike!!!

urge overkill

Urge overkill, another one of the midwest's great bands. Formed around 1985. Great guitar hooks, and lyrics,kind of pop/garage. This is sampler of their earlier stuff.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Hanoi Rocks

I miss these guys , great glam rock! great album, great make-up.

oriental beat


this 4 song single is well.....grandaddy. love em'.they always reminded me of if ELO and Bread had a baby, this would be it.

manic street preachers

this is a import single, great stuff. love us
2.spectators of suicide
4.strip it down(live)

Pat Smear

so you fell in love with a musician...
this cd came out around 92 on SST. I always thought Pat was underrated. 11 songs to make you smile.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

the Pink Lincolns

Background check. Another awesome punk band from the bay area, (and I aint playn') serving up beer soaked snarling versions of all your favorite covers. Friends, I"ve got the music in me, I ran.

the chesterfield kings

the mindbending sounds of...

60's garage sound fun band to see live. great sound.

troy gregory

Sybil is a collection of detroit bands with Troy on vocals. The dirtbombs, the sights,outrageous cherry,the come ons are just afew feature on this!

crappin' you negative

I used to go see this band. they toured in a old floral store's delivery van. Great songs very dirgy garage. LOVE THEM!

skip church! this is more important!.

this is a great event!!!!

5th annual Rock-n-Roll SWAP meet is THIS Sunday!
WHEN: Sunday, April 15th, 2007
WHERE: Janus Landing, Saint Petersburg,
FLTIME: 3-7pmCOST: $5 to get inThere will be seven [7] bands performing on two stages, and over a dozen vendors selling artwork, music,( lots of records!!!!) clothing and other “treasures” .The seven bands are:1] Holiday 2] Kevin K 3] The Redliners 4] Rebel Pride 5] Spankin’ Fresh 6] The Threads 7] The Wankers

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

goober and the peas

the complete works of...
great band, saw them when jack white drummed for them back in the 90s. great hee haw! someone told me he has a new band, "blanch" would love to hear it!


Y B Blue.... upbeat, quirky for a band that calls themselves "suicide" maybe it has something to do with the fact that Ric ocasek produced it. I love it for all the wrong but right reasons. zimba zoooo
1.why be blue
2.cheat-cheat ticket
5.last time the dream
7.pump it (a fav)
8.flashy love
9.chewy- chewy

satan is real again

this gem is on crypt records. A scottish punkabilly band telling it like it is! 14 hits in all

All that jazz....

early flaming lips ep.cica 1991.
awesome cover of all that jazz and happy death men by echo and the bunnymen.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

metal rules -a tribute to the bad hair days

I bought this one when it came out for the jason falkner cover of "photograph" on it, also the tories do a great version of "round and round" all in all its pretty much a mix bag of bands on it.I'll even go as far as saying you'll be singing along to it, hope no one hears ya!

a tribute to the songs of martin rev and alan vega

I love tribute albums and even more I love it when the bands playing on them are some of my fav bands! check out the "sonic boom" and "codeine"versions not to mention the gories great version of "ghost rider"

car bomb driver

This is a great punk band from florida. Been around for about 15 yrs. If ya love the ramones, beer, and more beer then check them out!